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You know that regular visits to the dentist are good for your oral health. But did you also know that those visits may help your overall health? Some diseases or medical conditions have symptoms that appear in the mouth.* That’s why choosing the right dental plan is as important as choosing the right medical plan.

Our new decision guide tool can help you understand plan options and choose what’s right for your needs. You will also see sample services and be able to compare what your costs might be on each plan.

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Our convenient online directory will help you find an in-network dentist who's right for you.

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The State of Connecticut works with Cigna to offer you three dental plan options. Each offers the coverage, tools and resources you need to help you better manage your dental health – and health spending.

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Learn about programs that promote good oral health and can help you stay healthy.

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Learn more about the Healthcare Policy & Benefit Services Division and how we can meet your needs.

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*MouthHealthy/American Dental Association, “Your Top 9 Questions About Going to the Dentist – Answered!” last accessed January 2, 2018.